Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Welcome to the MEET UP Follow up Blog

SEO Meetup is a growth marketing professionals group. We are open to anyone that wants to learn about digital marketing. Join us today if you are interested in link building, local SEO, national SEO, international SEO, technical SEO, and enterprise SEO. Join us once a month to stay up to date with current Google’s algorithms, and improve the ROI of your online marketing efforts.

Learn from like-minded online marketing professionals the best techniques that work today. Meet with internet marketing professionals in and around NYC and learn more about what they do, and how social networking can help you land a job in the future. We also discuss content marketing, social media marketing, digital PR, paid marketing, affiliate marketing, and the best available tools for online marketers in 2024.

We want to help you build websites that rank at the top of the search results. We want to share success stories and advice on what did and didn’t work.

At this meetup, there’s info that can help everyone. If you feel overwhelmed the first time, don’t worry, keep coming back, it will make sense! Those with some experience under their belt can count on continuing education and expert advice. We always provide resources, so you can go home and use the information on your own website.

Join us soon, meet interesting people, and unleash your potential! If you have any questions you can reach me at


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